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Welcome to Darlene Goes Green!

While working in the advertising field as a young adult, I never considered consumerism, disposables, plastics, and even worse, “disposable plastics,” as a problem. But, after converting to Catholicism and becoming a mom of three boys, my thoughts started “going green.”

Now quite a few years later, I’m trying to find ways to turn my thoughts into actions and strive to live what I call, “Christian Green.” A big part of my “going green” journey comes from my conversion and trying to be good a steward of all the gifts God has given us. I now realize that stewardship includes so much more than I ever thought! It includes everything thing from our families, the environment, the greater world (and everyone in it), our home and even our bodies! That’s quite a responsibility!

So for me, “going green” isn’t just a choice to live a healthier lifestyle or about sustainability & environmental conservation, it’s part and requirement of living an authentic Christ-centered life.

Darlene Goes Green The Blog: What to Expect
My hope for this blog is to share my Christian green journey. Although we’ve made a lot of changes, my family is still and actively “going green.” So I might be a few steps ahead or a mile behind you, but I hope to share what works for me and our family, why I’ve chosen the options I have, and the process I used to make my own personal decisions.

I am not an expert and I don’t have a background in anything relating to environmental anything. But what I hope this blog does, is encourage you to consider your place in the world and how your personal decisions can make a difference for you, your family, and the greater world.

By sharing my journey, I hope I can help make yours a little easier, and together, I hope we can all be good and faithful servants and stewards of God’s gifts!

How Green Are You?
What not to expect from this blog and this blogger is perfection or a perfect example. Like I’ve said, I’m still just starting my journey and from my “Googling,” I know that many of you are way ahead of me. Yeah! You are already making a difference and have far more experience than me. If that’s you, I’m glad you are here! I hope you will share your knowledge and experience. Please share and comment often — we look forward to learning from you!

What I expect from you:
What, I have expectations for you? (“What you talking about Darlene?”) No worries, I only ask that when commenting, we all (including me) are kind and respectful to each other. Comments will be moderated and if necessary, deleted.

Join us!
No matter where you are on your green journey, I hope you will join us and I hope you will invite your friends too!