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TV and advertising tell us that we need a closet full of cleaning products to clean, sanitize and make our homes sparkle.

But, do you know that most of these cleaners contain chemicals we probably don’t want in our homes, much less in our bodies?

Most Household Cleaners Contain Toxic Chemicals
According to, household cleaners can cause or irritate asthma, contain cancer-causing and reproductive developmental toxins (including breast cancer), and can cause chemical burns to our skin. You can read their whole article on the dangers of household cleaners HERE.

How Do We Avoid Toxic Chemical Cleaners?
The good news is most of those dangerous cleaners are completely unnecessary for a clean, sparkling home. In fact, you can clean your whole house with only 5 natural, toxin-free products!

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5 Basic Rules for Using Green, Natural Cleaning Products:

  1. If you are EVERYDAY CLEANING or just touching up, use a basic multi-purpose spray
    You can make your own, but I prefer Poofy Organics Multi-purpose spray. It smells awesome, is certified organic, and can be used for *almost* everything — and that is exactly how I use it. Counters, floors, mirrors, windows, sinks, and my favorite use, “no-rinse” everyday shower spray. (It helps prevent dirt from building up and makes it easier to deep clean later!) The cost is only about $2 per bottle when you use their concentrated refill formula. See it here: Poofy Organics Multi-Purpose Spray

  2. If you are DEEP CLEANING, use diluted liquid castile soap, like Dr. Bronners
    This soap is highly concentrated, so be sure to dilute. A little goes a LONG way which makes it super affordable! Use it to deep clean almost everything and it does a great job for scrubbing when made into a paste with baking soda. It is available in some stores or add it to your next Amazon order here: Dr. Bronners Liquid Castile Soap

  3. If you need to SCRUB, use baking soda or a combo of baking soda and castile soap
    Baking soda is a great, gentle, all-purpose scrubbing agent. Use it alone or make it into a paste with water or castile soap and it will take care of most of your scrubbing projects. I use it on dishes, floors, or anywhere that needs a little extra scrub.

  4. If you need to DISINFECT, use hydrogen peroxide
    Unlike bleach, it won’t upset your nose or your lungs or burn your hands. I buy it in large bulk-size bottles and use a refillable spray bottle to disinfect countertops, sinks and bathroom floors.

  5. If you need to DEGREASE, use white vinegar
    It may smell a bit at first, but the smell doesn’t last for long. Great for cleaning the range hood and backsplash with less scrubbing.

    BONUS: Occasionally you might need a specialty cleaner
    Although these 5 products take care of *almost* every cleaning job in the house, sometimes you might need a specialty cleaner. The good news is you don’t have to turn to the toxic products! There is a short list of natural products for these things too.

Two of my favorites are:
Poofy Organics Laundry Pre-spray
(Great for laundry, but also for removing crayon from walls, tough stains and as an ant deterrent!) Order it HERE.

Lemon Essential Oil
(Good for sticky things and works better than “Goo Gone.” It also makes a good diy furniture polish when added to olive oil.) Order it HERE.

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Unique, eco-friendly products chosen just for you and your little one!

If you use these 5 basic rules for natural, green cleaning, you can say goodbye to toxic-chemicals and have a sparkling clean home too!

Want more details on how to green clean with only 5 natural products?
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and I’ll send you my “Darlene Goes Green Green Cleaning Guide E-book” with details on how I use only 5 natural products to clean *almost* everything in the house!


How to Green Clean Your Whole House with only 5 eco-friendly ProductsHow to Green Clean with only 5 Natural Products







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