Understanding Pope Francis’ Encyclical on the Environment

Laudiato Si’, What does it Mean for You and Me?

Pope Francis’ “environmental” encyclical has stirred up controversy from the moment he whispered “Laudato Si’”. The question is, what does it mean for regular people like you and me?

When we try understanding Pope Francis’ concern for the environment, we need to understand that the encyclical (or letter written by the Pope to bring about conversation) isn’t an infallible document that all Catholics must believe and follow, but rather a letter he addressed to ALL people of the world, Christian and non-Christian alike.  

In this series, we will look at each section in bite-sized portions to try to better understand Pope Francis’ encyclical so that we might discover and take away practical things we can do to make a difference in the care of our common home. Click on each post below as we work our way through the series together!

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Introduction by Darlene

Chapter 1: What is Happening to Our Common Home

  1. Pollution, Waste & The Throwaway Culture
  2. Climate as a Common Good
  3. Issue of Water
  4. Loss of Biodiversity
  5. Decline in the Quality of Human Life and the Breakdown of Society
  6. Global Inequality
  7. Weak Responses
  8. Variety of Opinions


Chapter 2: The Gospel of Creation

  1. The Light Offered by Faith
  2. The Wisdom of the Biblical Accounts
  3. The Mystery of the Universe
  4. The Message of Each Creature in the Harmony of Creation
  5. A Universal Communion
  6. The Common Destination of Goods
  7. The Gaze of Jesus

Chapter 3: The Human Roots of the Ecological Crisis

  1. Technology: Creative and Power
  2. The Globalization of the Technocratic Paradigm
  3. The Crisis and Effects of Modern Anthropocentrism
  4. Practical Relativism
  5. The Need to Protect Employment
  6. New Biological Technologies

Chapter 4: Integral Ecology

  1. Environmental, Economic and Social Ecology
  2. Cultural Ecology
  3. Ecology of Daily Life
  4. The Principle of the Common Good
  5. Justice Between the Generations

Chapter 5: Lines of Approach and Action

  1. Dialogue on the Environment in the International Community
  2. Dialogue for New National and Local Policies
  3. Dialogue and Transparency in Decision-Making
  4. Politics and Economy in Dialogue for Human Fulfillment
  5. Religions in Dialogue with Science

Chapter 6: Ecological Education and Spirituality

  1. Toward a New Lifestyle
  2. Educating for the Covenant Between Humanity and the Environment
  3. Ecological Conversion
  4. Joy and Peace
  5. Civic and Political Love
  6. Sacramental Signs and the Celebration of Rest
  7. The Trinity and the Relationship Between Creatures
  8. Queen of All Creation
  9. Beyond the Sun

Text: Laudato Si’ Online       Order in Paperback: Laudato Si’ on Amazon.com 


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